Astro 250 EC Growth Regulator

For the Reduction of Leaf and Stem Growth of Grass Species, and as an Aid to Turf Management

Astro 250 EC Growth Regulator is a quality formulation of 250g/L trinexapac-ethyl.

For the reduction of leaf and stem growth of grass species and as an aid in turf management.

Astro 250 EC Growth Regulator is an efficient and versatile turf management tool that maximizes turf quality, pre-conditions for stress prevention, and optimises resources.

Astro 250 EC Growth Regulator improves turf stand, uniformity and health to provide a smooth, tightly knit cover that is better able to withstand stress. Astro 250 EC Growth Regulator achieves this by increasing the lateral spread and turf density, in addition to slowing the vertical growth of the grass. This enhances the playability of many surfaces including fairways, greens and tees on golf courses as well as sport fields and other playing surfaces.

Astro 250 EC Growth Regulator is emulsifiable concentrate formulation.

Features and Benefits

  • easily tank mixed
  • cost effective per ha


For optimum turf quality, use Astro 250 EC Growth Regulator in conjunction with turf management practices that promote good plant health. Use the lower rate for the first application, to condition the turf at the start of the Astro 250 EC Growth Regulator program.

The recommended use rates are designed to give approximately a 50% reduction in clippings over a 4 to 6 week period. In practice the amount of growth regulation achieved will vary between situations due to environmental conditions and management practices. To some extent therefore application rates will need to be adjusted to match growing conditions, management practices and the amount of growth regulation required. Repeat applications can be made as soon as turf resumes growth or more suppression is required. Astro 250 EC Growth Regulator should be applied to actively growing turf, at least 6 hours before or after mowing. Good mowing management leading up to application is required to achieve a good quality turf surface and to obtain the best results.

Tank Mixing Benefits

The longevity of fungicides (and certain insecticides) are generally extended when used in conjunction with a growth regulation program of Astro 250 EC Growth Regulator.

Active Constituent


Activity Group

  • N/A


  • EC - Emulsifiable Concentrate

Pack Sizes

  • 10L  


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