Bow & Arrow Herbicide

For the Control of various Broadleaf Weeds in Turf such as White Clover, Plantain, Capeweed, Cat's Ear, Bindii (Jo-Jo, Onejunga), Cudweed and Creeping oxalis

Bow & Arrow Herbicide is the standard for broadleaf weed control in the Australian turf industry.

Bow & Arrow Herbicide provides outstanding control of broadleaf weeds in turf. Broadleaf weeds including;

White Clover (Trifolium repens),
Plantain (Plantago lanceolata),
Capeweed (Arctotheca calendula),
Cat’s ear (Hypochoeris radicata),
Bindii (Jo-Jo, Onehunga) (Soliva sessilis),
Cudweed (Gnaphalium spp.),
Creeping oxalis (Oxalis corniculata),


  • High level of efficacy
  • One standard application rate
  • No volatility concerns
  • Superior turf safety (cool and warm season grasses)
  • A mix of active ingredients for improved resistance management
  • No odour
  • Additional surfactants not required

Bow & Arrow Herbicide for broadleaf weed control in turf is a formulation containing the active ingredients, MCPA as potassium salt, clopyralid as potassium salt and diflufenican. It is used at an application rate of 5 litres per hectare.

Current broadleaf turf herbicides have a tendency to cause rapid desiccation of weed leaves and shoots. Recovery may then occur from the significant root systems and/or other underground components of the weed. The effect of Bow & Arrow Herbicide is slower than other broadleaf herbicides but the ultimate result is more effective, with no evidence of regrowth.

This unique three-way mixture provides extended weed control (season-long) in most situations.

Active Constituent

  • 20 g/L CLOPYRALID present as the potassium salt
  • 300 g/L MCPA present as the potassium salt

Activity Group

  • Group F & I Herbicide's


  • SC - Suspension Concentrate

Pack Sizes

  • 500ml  
  • 10L  


Where to Buy

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