Brek 500 SC Herbicide

For Selective Control of Poa annua (Winter grass) in Turf. For Selective Control of Certain Grasses and Broadleaf Weeds in Canola, Mustard, Pyrethrum, Lettuce, Legume Seed Crops and Pastures

Brek 500 SC Herbicide is a quality formulation of 500 g/L propyzamide.

Brek 500 SC Herbicide is available in a liquid formulation. It provides the turf manager with the reliability and convenience when an effective control of winter grass (Poa annua) is desired.

Features and Benefits

  • Winter grass control in couch – reliable and effective control of this problematic weed of turf
  • Effective post-emergent control on wintergrass
  • Unique resistance management grouping (Group D) – ideal for use in a rotational herbicide program
  • Diverse mode of action – less chance of herbicide resistance development in the winter grass
  • Convenient liquid formulation - Complete dispersion in the tank which allows for uniform application

Brek 500 SC Herbicide containing the active ingredient propzaymide is a member of the Group D herbicides and acts by inhibiting both photosynthesis and cell division. This diverse mode of action limits the chance of resistance development within the target plant.

Active Constituent


Activity Group

  • Group D Herbicide


  • SC - Suspension Concentrate

Pack Sizes

  • 5L  


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