Carbon Trader

To keep Dormant Turf Green in Colour throughout the Dormancy period and to Enhance and Maintain Turf Colour, Turf Health and Appearance of Turf, including greens and surrounds.

Carbon Trader is a high loading formulation of Carbon that also contains small amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.

Carbon Trader is ideal for use on turf to improve turf colour, turf health, and appearance.

Carbon Trader is also ideal for turf going dormant as it can help turf hold its colour throughout dormancy.

What is known in terms of the effects of Carbon Trader to turf, seed and soil is:

  • Allows warm season grasses to hold good colour during dormancy if applied before dormancy colour loss and applied again 10 weeks after the first application
  • Lifts the turf health of all turf varieties, such as Couch, Kikuyu, Ryegrass, Fescues and Bent grass, whilst increasing root growth
  • Gives a deep and consistent colour to all turf varieties
  • Allows ‘more than normal’ growth of turf during the cooler months in warm season grasses, but also in cool season turf, such as Ryegrass, Fescues and Bentgrass, which is ideal for golf greens and Ryegrass sports fields in winter that attract heavy turf wear
  • Quicker response/growth coming out of dormancy
  • Recovery from disease, such as Spring Dead Spot & Helmo
  • Enhances seed germination and establishment
  • Improves the grow-in and establishment of warm season instant turf in late Autumn and Winter

Active Constituent

  • 750 g/kg CARBON
  • 22 g/kg NITROGEN
  • 34 g/kg PHOSPHORUS
  • 86 g/kg POTASSIUM

Activity Group

  • N/A


  • WDG - Water Dispersible Granule

Pack Sizes

  • 10kg  


Where to Buy

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