Mayfair Fungicide

For the Control of Pythium in Turf

Mayfair Fungicide is a Liquid ME (Micro Emulsion) formulation that contains 240 g/L metalaxyl-M.

Mayfair Fungicide has excellent protective activity; best results will be achieved when Mayfair Fungicide is applied prior to infection as a preventative. Preventative dictates that application begins when conditions are favourable for disease infection and at the very beginning of disease infection. 


  • Mayfair Fungicide stops disease growth and prevents the development of disease within the plant. With its systemic activity, it is:
    • Absorbed into the leaves and stems where it cannot be washed off by rain
    • Absorbed by the roots and translocated throughout the plant
    • Rapid movement into the plant - Can be inside the plant as quickly as 30 minutes
    • Readily taken up by all green plant parts as well as roots - Can be taken up by the plant regardless of how damaged the root system is due to Pythium attack
  • Mayfair Fungicide has contact activity. Product remains on the surface of the soil and is absorbed into soil particles and organic matter where it controls pathogens.
  • Mayfair Fungicide provides outstanding control when applied preventively as conditions become favourable for Pythium development. Its efficacy and long residual of up to 21 days makes Mayfair Fungicide an excellent choice as part of an agronomic disease management program.
  • The benefits of preventive applications of Mayfair Fungicide include:
    • Enhanced turf quality: Preventive control preserves and enhances turf quality. Once turf has been infected with Pythium, the infected tiller usually dies and needs to be replaced with another plant.
    • Economical: Preventive applications are typically more efficient, since curative applications of fungicides require higher rates at shorter intervals to gain control of the disease.
    • Excellent disease control: With both systemic and contact activity, Mayfair Fungicide is able to stop disease from further germination. It offers root protection as its solubility penetrates the soil for great root density.
  • Micro-emulsion, turf specific formulation - Minimal odour, mixes completely with water, good tank mix flexibility
  • Registered to control all forms of Pythium diseases in turf - Controls Pythium Leaf Blight, Pythium Root Rot and Seedling Damping Off
  • Excellent turf safety. Mayfair Fungicide can be used on all major turf species.
  • Safe for use on young seedlings - Can be safely used for Seedling Damping Off situations.

How to get the most out of your application

  • Begin applications before symptoms occur when conditions first favour disease and continue applications while conditions remain favourable for disease development using registered Pythium fungicides.
  • Mayfair Fungicide should be used preventively for the control of Pythium diseases. Be vigilant for ideal Pythium conditions such as warm nights (over 20 Degress Celsius) and hot days (over 30 Degress Celsius) combined with high humidity.

Active Constituent

  • 240 g/L METALAXYL-M

Activity Group

  • Group 4 Fungicide


  • ME - Micro Emulsion

Pack Sizes

  • 5L  


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