OxStar Herbicide Coated Fertiliser

Combination Herbicide and Controlled Release Fertiliser for Pre-Emergent Control of Crab Grass, Creeping Oxalis, Summer Grass and Winter Grass in Turf. Plus Nutrient Delivery (Feeding) to Turf.

OxStar Herbicide Coated Fertiliser is a pre-emergent herbicide as a convenient ready to use formulation for the control of certain annual grass & broadleaf weeds in turf plus for fertilisation of turf.

OXSTAR can be used as an effective tool to help Turf Managers control annual weeds, especially when warm season grasses require surface recovery (runners needing to peg down and spread). Whilst also controlling germinating Creeping Oxalis, one of the most competitive and invasive weed species in turf management.

OXSTAR selectivity is primarily through soil profile placement. Small-seeded plants take up greater amounts of the herbicide as they germinate in the soil profile zone of herbicide placement.

Application should be prior to germination of the target weeds.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective against major annual grass weeds in turf during summer and winter.
  • Controls weeds by controlling weed seedlings as they come in contact with the herbicide during germination.
  • Controls weeds through shoots, not roots – Does not inhibit turf root growth or recovery from damage.
  • Does not prevent roots from pegging down.
  • Controls germinating weeds for up to 10 weeks.
  • Convenient ready to use granular. No mixing or dilution is required.
  • Suits most broadcast spreaders.
  • Unique resistance management grouping (Group 14 Herbicide - previously Group G)
  • No 'Re-Entry Period' applicable.
  • Reduces future weed set and germination.
  • Reduces the reliance on costly selective post-emergent herbicides.
  • Economical solution for your main annual weed problems including Summer Grass, Crowsfoot Grass and Winter Grass.


Active Constituent

  • 10 g/kg OXADIAZON

Activity Group

  • Group 14 Herbicide (previously Group G)


  • G - Granular

Pack Sizes

  • 8kg  
  • 20kg  


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