Silverado Herbicide

For the Control of Moss and Broadleaf Weeds in Turf

Silverado Herbicide provides quick control of moss & broadleaf weeds in fine turf. Silverado Herbicide will be a valuable tool to golf course superintendents and greenkeepers.

Silverado Herbicide works by inhibiting a key enzyme in moss chlorophyll production. It’s so effective that Silverado Herbicide will reduce up to 90 percent of moss when applied twice at a 14-day interval.

Active constituent Carfentrazone is a fast acting broadleaf contact herbicide which controls weeds through a process of membrane disruption, so fast in fact that combined with MCPA it provides the ultimate broadleaf product.

Best of all, Silverado Herbicide won’t harm fine turf areas such as Bentgrass and Couch greens. It is also safe to use on Fine Fescue, Winter Grass & Buffalo.

Of course, the best defence against moss is a healthy, dense turf. Silverado Herbicide is unique in that it leaves minimal residue. This allows for fast reestablishment of bentgrass, enabling golf course superintendents and greenkeepers to quickly replant/re-seed and break the moss opportunity cycle. With other products, you have to wait months before reseeding, leaving unsightly bald spots and allowing moss to re-establish in the voids.

Unlike other products where temperature significantly impacts efficacy, Silverado Herbicide is specially formulated to be effective in both cool and warm temperatures allowing moss control as needed year-round.

Active Constituent

  • 375 g/kg MCPA present as the sodium salt

Activity Group

  • Group G & I Herbicide


  • WDG - Water Dispersible Granule

Pack Sizes

  • 1kg  
  • 2.5kg  


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