Smackdown Herbicide

For the Control of Marshmallow and Annual Nettles in Grass Pastures, Rough Grass and Turf Areas; Improvement in the Control of Marshmallow and Certain Other Broadleaf Weeds, in Commercial, Industrial and Public Service Areas, and Around Agricultural Buildings and Yards, in Tank Mixtures with Knockdown Herbicides; Addition to Selective Herbicides; as per the Directions for Use

Smackdown Herbicide is a post-emergence herbicide that can tank mixed with Bow & Arrow Herbicide for the control of Marshmallow and Annual nettle in Turf as per the Directions for Use, plus to enhance the weeds controlled (and to broaden weed control spectrum) by Bow & Arrow Herbicide.

By tank mixing Bow & Arrow Herbicide with Smackdown Herbicide you will improve the control of large Marshmallow and Annual nettles (and to broaden weed control spectrum). The use of Smackdown Herbicide with Bow & Arrow Herbicide will also increase the speed at which the treated weeds develop symptoms (compared to results achieved without Smackdown Herbicide) and hasten weed death.

Smackdown Herbicide can also be added to knockdown herbicides (glyphosate or paraquat) to improve the control of certain broadleaf weeds as listed in Directions for Use in commercial, industrial and public service areas, around agricultural buildings, yards and other turf situations.

Smackdown Herbicide is a fast-acting contact herbicide and aids in the control of weeds through a process of membrane disruption. The foliar uptake of Smackdown Herbicide is rapid and plant desiccation can occur within 4 days of application. Application of Smackdown Herbicide should target small actively growing weeds. Subsequent germinations will not be controlled.



when mixed with Bow & Arrow Herbicide

  • Excellent tank mix partner with selective broadleaf herbicide Bow & Arrow Herbicide.
  • Improves effectiveness against difficult to kill broadleaf weeds.

when mixed with Knockdown Herbicides

  • Excellent tank mix partner with certain knockdown herbicides (i.e. glyphosate and paraquat based herbicides).
  • Smackdown Herbicide shows robust and consistent control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds. Smackdown Herbicide has excellent compatibility with glyphosate and paraquat based herbicides for broad spectrum weed control.
  • Improves effectiveness against difficult to kill broadleaf weeds.
  • When used in combination with knockdown herbicides, Smackdown Herbicide significantly increases brownout and improves control of hard to kill weeds such as Marshmallow, Capeweed, Paterson’s curse and Wild radish.

Active Constituent


Activity Group

  • Group G Herbicide


  • EC - Emulsifiable Concentrate

Pack Sizes

  • 1L  


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