Voyager Miticide

For the Control of Couch Mite and False Spider Mite in Turf

Voyager Miticide is a quality formulation of 500 g/L clofentezine.

CLOFENTEZINE is a member of the Group 10A Insecticides.

Following application, Voyager Miticide Effects mites and the egg stage and early larval development, it is a specific acaricide with contact action, and long residual activity. It acts primarily by interfering with cell growth and differentiation during the final stages of embryonic (ovicide), and early larval development.

Features and Benefits

  • Works on the egg and early larval stages of the mite
  • Long residual activity – up to 45 days
  • Controls both Couch Mite (Aceria cynodoniensis formerly Eriophyses cynodoniensis) and False Spider Mite (Dolichotetranychus australianus)
  • The first Miticide in Australia to be registered to control False Spider Mite (Dolichotetranychus australianus) in Turf
  • Extended control of mites (eggs) from a single early season application
  • A novel mode of action
  • Ideal rotation partner with Thumper Insecticide & Waldo Miticide

Voyager Miticide brings the 3-way (triangle) rotation to Turf Culture.

3 Mite Products - 1 Company

  • Thumper Insecticide
  • Waldo Miticide
  • Voyager Miticide

We take Mite Control Seriously


Active Constituent


Activity Group

  • Group 10A Insecticide


  • SC - Suspension Concentrate

Pack Sizes

  • 1L  


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